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Crystal Jeans

Cookies-n-Cream Dress

Cookies-n-Cream Dress

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Introducing our mouthwatering "Cookies-n-Cream Dress," a delectable variation of our beloved Scoop Dress featuring layers of rich ric rac in a tantalizing palette of brown and cream. This delightful ensemble captures the essence of everyone's favorite flavor combination with its creamy base and decadent accents, reminiscent of delicious cookies swirled into creamy ice cream. The scoop neckline adds a playful touch, while the flowing silhouette ensures comfort and style. Whether you're attending a casual brunch or a glamorous event, the Cookies-n-Cream Dress promises to satisfy your craving for both fashion and fun. Embrace the sweetness of style and make a delectable statement with this irresistible dress.

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